Wes Dow Honored for Geographers On Film

October, 2008

Professor Emeritus of Geography Maynard Weston “Wes” Dow was honored by the Association of American Geographers for Geographers on Film, a series of more than 550 interviews with distinguished geographers and selected scholarly sessions.

The project resulted from Dow’s years of teaching the history and philosophy of geography. “Students would pore over writings of cognoscente to acquire an appreciation for the genesis and development of the discipline as a field of learning,” Dow says. After considering what an educational windfall it would have been to have Aristotle on film, Dow decided to record the thoughts of modern scientists in the field for posterity.

The AAG will assume responsibility for archiving, digitizing, and disseminating Geographers on Film. Copies will also be archived at several major academic libraries throughout the United States.

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