Motor Learning and Control for Practitioners, Second Edition

December, 2009

Cheryl Coker, professor of physical education

The second edition of Motor Learning and Control for Practitioners offers an applied approach to the principles of motor learning and control. The text includes a wide range of examples, applications, and teaching tools to help students build a solid foundation for assessing performance, providing effective instruction, and designing practice, rehabilitation, and training experiences to optimize skill acquisition and performance.

Whether students become professionals in physical education, kinesiology, exercise science, coaching, athletic training, physical therapy, or dance, this text defines the foundational components of motor control and learning and provides current thinking and trends, blending information for the practitioner with validating research. Its readability and practical applications make this a valuable resource.

“The text introduces the practitioner to the processes that underlie human movement learning,” says Coker. “Through an applications-based approach, readers are challenged to reinvent themselves as human movement specialists who can empower their learners and maximize their potential.”

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