Higher Education Matters

December, 2012

Professors Stephen Gorin and Cynthia Moniz. Jon Gilbert Fox photo.

Plymouth State professors Stephen Gorin and Cynthia Moniz feel fortunate to have attended undergraduate and graduate school at a time when the nation was committed to supporting students financially. “It would have been very difficult for either of us to be where we are today without it,” Gorin says.

Today, the names Gorin and Moniz are inextricably linked with the Bachelor of Science in Social Work program. The duo is nationally known for their research on aging, social security, and health care policy. In the classroom, their research informs their teaching as they prepare future generations of social work professionals.

Their values are reflected in their own philanthropy. As long-time supporters of PSU’s Annual Fund, Gorin says,
“We recognize the need many students face in financing their education. We were young once and know that it can be a struggle. We want to support students in any way we can.”

“Despite the fiscal challenges the University faces in funding cutbacks and rising costs, it finds creative ways to maximize its resources and keep moving forward,” Moniz says. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide those critical financial resources that support student scholarships and the University’s day-to-day operations.

Ultimately, says Moniz, “An investment in Plymouth State is an investment in the future of New Hampshire and our nation. Higher education matters.”

Support Students:  Help support student scholarships today through the Annual Fund. Use the envelope, call (800) 772-2620, or visit giveto.plymouth.edu to make your gift.

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