David Govatski

David Govatski retired from the US Forest Service after a 30-year career as a Fire and Aviation Management Officer, Forester and Silviculturist. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Unity College in Maine and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Silviculture from the US Forest Service. David worked on a National Interagency Incident Management Team with the US Forest Service for eight years.

David serves on the board of directors of WhiteMountainHistory.org and is the Secretary of the Weeks Act Centennial Coordinating Committee. He was employed by the AMC Hut System in 1967 and 1968. He is one of a dozen people to have red lined all the trails in the White Mountains. David has a small forestry and natural resource consulting company in addition to his volunteer activities. He is an avid naturalist with a focus on birds and alpine plants, a hiker, canoeist, Nordic skier, and snowshoer. He serves on the Board of Directors of several environmental organizations and is an active trip leader.

He lives with his wife, Kathi, in their home in Jefferson NH.