MWM Collection Highlights

The MWM preserves and promotes the history, culture, and environmental legacy of the region, and provides collections-based, archival, and digital learning resources to researchers, students, and the public. A few of our most significant collections are:

Dan Noel Collection

Dan Noel and his daughter, Victoria

Dan and Victoria Noel

The Dan Noel Collection is the Founding Collection of the Museum of the White Mountains. In 2010, the late Daniel Noel, a life-long state resident, White Mountains photographer, and collector, gave PSU his lifetime collection of White Mountains related materials. The collection includes thousands of archival materials and images, including rare glass-plate photographs, stereoscopic images, hotel ledgers, postcards, early and first edition books about the region, bird’s-eye views and maps, framed Bartlett prints, paintings, and other miscellaneous items.

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John “Jack” and Anne Newton Collection

Jack and Anne Newton

Jack and Anne Newton

In 2012, John W. (Jack) and Anne H. Newton of South Natick, Massachusetts, gave their 6,000 volume collection of White Mountains related books, maps, and historical materials to the MWM. It includes complete or almost complete collections of various White Mountains-related publications including: Appalachia Journal, Appalachian Mountain Club Bulletin, Mount Washington Observatory Bulletin, New Hampshire Troubadour, and New Hampshire Profiles Magazine, the AMC White Mountain Guide, as well as many early and first edition books, pamphlets, trail guides, and other ephemera related to the White Mountains.

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Frances “Dolly” MacIntyre Collection

"Mary Safford, Mt. Kearsarge from Crystal Lake, Oil on board, 9 x 15 inches. Museum of the White Mountains, Frances “Dolly” MacIntyre Collection."

From the MacIntyre collection

In 2012, Frances “Dolly” MacIntyre of Florida donated 18 works of White Mountain art painted by female artists in the 19th and 20th century to the MWM. MacIntyre gathered these works while writing her thesis, ” Women Artists in the White Mountains, 1840-1940.” Works from this collection were most recently displayed in the MWM’s exhibition “Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains.”

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English Collection

From the English Journals

From the English Journals

In 2014, the English family donated six journals written by Walter H. James, Ida Rachel James, and L. Ardena Butterfield between 1899-1926. The journals contain firsthand accounts of their camping, packing, and tramping trips across New England and the White Mountains, as well as hundreds of vintage monochrome photographs, maps, and other illustrations. In 2005, Ben English, Jr. and Jane English published the journals as Our Mountain Trips. 

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Women of the White Mountains Oral History Collection

In preparation for the MWM’s 2016 exhibit, “Taking the Lead: Women in the White Mountains,” students in the 2014 Plymouth State University history course, American Women’s History, interviewed women associated with the White Mountains. In 2016, June Hammond Rowan, Associate Director and Research Assistant Professor at PSU, conducted two additional interviews with Jane Difley and Marianne Leberman. The women who were interviewed graciously granted their interviewers, students, and exhibit-goers access to their memories and thoughts about their connections to the White Mountains.

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Camp Stories Oral History Collection

Oral history collection of anecdotes and memories from campers, staff, alumni, administrators and family members associated with summer camps in the White Mountains region. These stories capture the personal side of the camp experience in the 20th and 21st century. Originally compiled as part of the 2017 MWM exhibition, “Summer Camps: The White Mountains Roots of an Iconic American Experience.”

To listen to the full recordings, click here. View short videos with images and excerpts from the interviews, here.