Shorey as Entrepreneur II

September 20th, 2011 by Lindsay

Shorey’s business efforts did not stop at his front door. He knew that his success depended on the prosperity of his town and of his region.  Plus, he was raised with an innate sense of civic responsibility, a North Country neighborliness where one did what one could to serve one’s community.

Shorey was active in many arenas. He was a founder of the Gorham Rotary. He was instrumental in the founding of a YMCA in Berlin. He was a stalwart on the State Planning and Development Commission, serving over 15 years. He created a slide presentation in 1938, which he offered to countless audiences, encouraging appreciation of and visitation to the Granite State.  In 1939, he established an information booth in Gorham.

The Shorey Studio’s tagline was ”Among the White Hills.” That simple saying branded his efforts and his products as being integrally affiliated with the White Mountain landscape and its heritage. “Among the White Hills” expressed Shorey’s own affection and enthusiasm for New Hampshire’s lofty landscape, a landscape which he came to know intimately.