Trail’s End

September 20th, 2011 by Lindsay

When Guy Shorey died in 1961, he left a remarkable legacy. He captured images of the White Mountains in the first half of the twentieth century which still have significance to us today. Those photographs of loggers, trampers, and shopkeepers help portray the rich heritage of the Androscoggin Valley.  Shorey was instrumental in establishing the northern White Mountains as a year-round tourist destination, setting the stage for further development and a share of economic prosperity. His carefully crafted photographs of the White Mountains landscape resonate with us today, a half-century after his passing.  Yet these are only a few facets of the full Guy Shorey.

He was also a dedicated family man, with endless affection for his wife, daughter, and granddaughters. He was a loyal citizen who served his town, his State, and his country in many unsung ways.

While his journey is long since ended, we can enjoy the privilege of following his pathway, thanks to his good work.