Picture This

August 1st, 2011 by Lindsay

The Brown Company Photographic Department


Victor Beaudoin, Brown Company’s first in house Photographer, 1948

The 1915 decision to develop a separate research facility also led to the creation of a unique, state-of-the-art Photography Laboratory.  At this time Brown Company officials believed that little had been done in this area by other large industrial concerns.   The project had multiple purposes and functions.  The photographic department documented scientific research, photographed equipment and buildings for insurance purposes, recorded the activities of the company’s woods operations, photographed people connected to the company and the surrounding communities, and assisted the sales department with product marketing.  In short, the department was installed for the benefit of other departments and of the company generally.  Long-time company photographer Victor Beaudoin produced most of the images that comprise the Brown Company collection at Plymouth State University.

Photographer in Microscope Room, 1928


Victor Beaudoin filming, 1957

Photographing slides under a microscope