Charter Membership

The museum’s programs, services, exhibitions, collections, and outreach are made possible in part by its members.  The museum’s staff, volunteers, and visitors express their deep gratitude to the charter members- those who stepped forward first to help make this dream a reality.

To become a member, please click here.

Presidential Range $1,000+


Catherine Amidon

Roger Belson and Grace Cohen

Rob Coburn and Averitt Buttry

Woolsey and Beatrice Conover

Robert Cram ’85 and Michael Mooney

Lore Moran Dodge and John Bowden Dodge

Paul and Gisela Estes

Allan W. and Judy T. Fulkerson

Sarah and Harry Kinter

Richard and Patricia Lindberg

Ed and Phyllis MacKay ’80G

P. Andrews and Linda McLane

Ed and Nancy Roberts

Sara Jayne Steen and Joseph H. Bourque

Thomas and Susan Stepp

Howie and Sue Wemyss

Summit $500 to $999


Howard Amidon and Lisa Tellekson

Julie Bernier and Joan Andresen

Sally and Tom Daigneault

Bruce and Kristin Gokey

Hugh and Mary Goodman

Bob and Christy Hedges

Alan Fraser Houston and Jourdan Houston

Enna Kutz

Paul F. and Ella W. Miller

John Small and Philip Marcus

Wendy and Christopher Thayer

Jack Tracy

Stacey Yap and Peng-Khuan Chong

Ridgeline $250 to $499

Steve and Gail Barba

Kevin F. and Nancy Barrett

Marcia Schmidt Blaine and Quentin Blaine

Boston Art Club

Timothy G. Carrigan ’04 and Brian Frye

Nick and Jill Davidge

Eames Partnership

Norma ’59 and D.A.G. Green

Chris Hallowell and Cyndall Morrison

Dick and Sandra Hamilton

Richard and Anne Hunnewell

Carl Lehner

Frank and Liz Mauran

Rebecca Weeks Sherrill More and Timothy T. More

John W. and Anne H. Newton

Frederick Phinney

Philip Preston

Joan Savage ’56 and the late Eugene A. Savage ’58

Leslie and Warren Schomaker

Bryant F. Jr. and Carolyn K. Tolles

Vladimir ’04G and Cynthia Vascak

Tree Line $100 to $249

Jim and Martha Aguiar

Paul and Renee Anderson

William ’62 and Sharon Andrews ’62

Robert Arey ’98

Barbara Ashley ’61

Iris Baird ’73

Georgia and James Barnhill

Judith Blake

David and Deborah Brooks

Charles Brown

Mark R. Burns ’77

Sam and Aggy Chase

John P. ’71, ’73G and Maureen M. Clark ’73

Jay Coburn and Gina Kelekian Coburn

Richard and Dorothy Cole

Robert and Sally Cole

Peter Crane

William and Nancy Dailey

Jed and Fran Davis

Mitzi Dearborn and Ernest May

Pamela Diamantis

Antony and Beatrice Edgar

Douglas and Martha Evelyn

Brian K. and Betsy J. Fowler

Geoffrey and Rondi Gannon ’76

Carol ’67 and Richard Gerken

Dave and Kathleen Govatski

Linda Gray ’78 and David Gotjen

John Gutowski and June A. Rogier

Philip Haskell ’81 and Terri Johnson ’79

Syd and Jaime Havely

Arnold and Susan Hawk

Mark and Nadine Hession

Ken and Carole Heuser ’76G

Sally Holland

David Huntley and Lauren McGrath

Thomas and Liz Kelsey

Ken and Amy Kinder

Norman and Joyce Larson ’11G

James and Alison Lovett

Vincent and Lois Lunetta

Nick Mathis

Peggy Merritt and Ron Lawler

Heidi Pettigrew ’99, ’07G, ’11CAGS and Paula Currie

Andrea H. Philbrook ’68

Frances Woodard Richardson ’62

Peter ’04G and June Hammond Rowan ’10CAGS, ’12EdD

Mary Anne and Bert Saul

John and Susan Scheinman

Rachel and Jeff Sideman-Kurtz

Pamela Stearns

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

Stephen Taksar and Laure Morris

Malcolm ’65 and Fran Taylor

Steven ’91 and Trish ’86 Temperino

Ann Thurston ’80, ’00G, ’08CAGS and Betsy Cheney ’89, ’99G

Bob and Jan Weekes

Bruce and Elizabeth Whitmore

Nancy Wolf and Jacob Rosengarten

Trailblazer $50 to $99

D. Kilton Andrew Jr.

Adam Jared Apt

Robert S. Bast and Laura Carlsmith

William Bemis and Betty Anne McGuire

Arline Bownes

Mark R. Burns ’77

Robert S. Chase and Richard M. Candee

Sandra Woodard Cathey

Frederick and Janice Chipman ’84

Richard and Jean B. Chisholm

Dirk and Jeanine Coburn

John and Nancy Conkling

Peter and Faith Coolidge

Roger and Margaret Cooper

Linda Corriveau ’11G

Catherine Crane ’73, ’92G, ’02CAGS and Mark Burzynski

Susan and John Davies

David and Karen Drew

Peter and Kathryn Drexel

Andy Falender

Joel and Melody Funk ’96G

James L. and Donna-Belle Garvin

Robert Girouard

Paul and Althea Goundrey ’87, ’96G

Doug Grant

Sonja Greenlee

William and Nancy Greenlee

Melissa Guldbrandsen

Thad Guldbrandsen

Stefi Reed Hastings

Christopher Hawkins

Larry ’86 and Dawn Haynes ’86

Stephen ’73 and Gerianne Holdsworth

Warren and Diane Hopkins

Erik Leighton Koeppel

Kevin and Mary Kopp ’68

Ken and Jill Kyle

Woodie and Susan Laverack ’05G

Frances MacIntyre

Michael ’86 and Brenda Martinez ’86

Joseph and Patti Mazzone

Franz Nicolay

Jack Olmstead

Herbert and Kathryn Otto ’80

Barbara and Ben Phinney

Len and Joan Reed

Sam M. and Shelia W. Robbins

David Robinson

Jeffrey and Elisabeth Robinson

Bruce and Mary Sloat

Bruce ’67 and Marilyn Soper

Lawrence and Pia Sunderland

Theresa Swanick

Katharine T. Thompson

Woodrow B. Thompson

Diane ’76 and Richard Tiffany

Peter and Prudy VanWinkle

William Wallace

Winifred S. Ward and James L. Irish

Francie Weeks

William and Amey Wieting

Ed and Marilyn Wixson

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in charter membership recognition.  If your name has been misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention via email,