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Annual PSU Student Juried Exhibit 2019

Museum Exhibition Dates: February 26 – March 26, 2019

Exhibition Locations: Museum of the White Mountains, Main Gallery

Opening Reception: February 26, from 4-6pm

Celebrating all levels of student art making at PSU

The PSU Student Juried Exhibition is an annual event that celebrates and showcases Plymouth State University student art. The show presents works from students at all levels of achievement, working in a variety of mediums and subject matter. Works chosen for the show have either demonstrated the ability to inventively interpret a class assignment or are personal statements. This exhibition includes a mix of 3D and 2D works, ranging from creative sculptural masks to detailed oil paintings and everything in-between. The various works displayed in the show are student representations and reactions to the environment around them, drawing inspiration from their classes, professors, artistic role models, and their peers. The levels are organized by class level, level A being introduction studio classes, to level D which is more advanced and Level E is for students who submitted works independently from a class.

The works chosen to exhibit shared a commitment to concept, focus on craftsmanship and innovation in scale and materials. Kathryn Field, Juror.

About the 2019 Jurors

Karina Kelly

Karina Kelley graduated Plymouth State University with a degree in Fine Arts and Art History. She has recently opened a gallery, Kelley Stelling Contemporary, in Manchester NH with co-founder Bill Stelling. In 2017 Karina chaired the Currier Museums Annual Fundraising Gala for art education and was previously Vice President for the Kimball Jenkins School of Art’s Board of Directors. Karina has made multiple contributions to New England’s art community, currently serving as an Advisory Council member for the New England Foundation for the Arts and was a Committee member for the NH Institute of Art’s Annual Gala.

Kathryn Field

Kathryn Field graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and obtained her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin. Kathryn has 35 years of experience in teaching as well as creating sculpture and design. She has taught at multiple schools including Ohio State, Washington University, Chicago Art institute, Western Michigan University, and Lake Forrest College. Kathryn has also made an impact on the New England art community, lecturing here at Plymouth State University and teaching for many years at the Holderness school in Plymouth. Although she lives in Sandwhich NH, Field’s work has been exhibited in over 15 solo exhibitions in galleries from the Midwest to Sydney Australia

Jewel Bernier MWM Intern

I’m a senior Art History major interning here at the Museum of the White Mountains this spring. I have worked on the Student Juried Exhibition from the beginning and played multiple roles in the creation of this show. Working on the exhibition has given me a lot of insight on what is happening behind the scenes of a museum. Some of the tasks I performed in the making of the show includes data entry, creating the opening texts and Juror bios, moderating a panel talk and creating the online version of the exhibition. I highly recommend this internship for any students who are looking to enter the competitive world of art after graduation, the skills I have gained working on this exhibition are invaluable and will help me in my future career.

2019 Student Juried Exhibition Walk-through

2019 SJE Mountain Studio Experience 

The Mountain studio is a place where students, and viewers of the show can participate in an activity that revolves around the current exhibition. For the 2019’s Student Juried Exhibition, the Mountain studio activity is “Popular Vote”, where people can write their favorites in different category’s and stick them on the wall.

Now it’s your time to vote!

  1. Favorite Object
  2. Favorite Color Combo
  3. Which piece would you want in your living room?
  4. Favorite Mask
  5. Which piece stumped you the most?
  6. Favorite use of cut paper
  7. Favorite face
  8. Favorite sculpture
  9. Favorite Scene
  10. Favorite Tittle

Photos from Opening Night, February 26, 2019

Audio from Artalk 

Artist Quotes & Advice from Artalk 

For me it was more about process and not the finished product, so I was experimenting with ways to put paint on, thickness of paint, and just different ways to use oil paints. Angela Levigne
Experiment and just have fun with what you do, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, everything’s a learning process.Angela Levigne
The first problem I encountered was sitting and staring at my design wondering how I’m going to do this.Autumn Hughes
So the theme was the idea of taking a mental illness and the emotional state of mind associated and trying to depict that through color and facial expressions.Shelby Chapmen

Activities for Students

Now that you have explored the virtual exhibition, answer some questions about the works you viewed!

  1. Compare and contrast two works that are made from different materials, are they similar? Different? How so?
  2. Chose one art work from the show and analyze it, descried use of color, space, and its meaning.
  3. What was the work that was most striking to you and why?
  4. Compare and contrast two portraits, are they similar? Different? How so?
  5. What was your favorite use of color and why

Artists Featured in the 2019 Student Juried Exhibition

Level A

Tam Phan, Mass Production, clay and acrylic

Anna Dodge, Belong, watercolor

Betsy Hunt, Leaf me alone Mask, paper and clay

Courtney Seatten, Mask, clay

Grace Brown, Day Dreamer, graphite and colored pencil

Isabella Miller-White, Untitled, silk screen print

Isabella Miller-White, In Tree Years, mixed media

Katie Mroczkowski, Lost Woods, line drawing and book carving

Nicke Morris, Wild Moon, scratchboard

Samantha Mangano, Warrior, clay

Rachel Kane, The Porcelain Vase, pastel

Level B

Angela Lavigne, Where I’ve been and Where I want to go, water based ink and paper

Autumn Hughes, Cheese Grater Chair, aluminum

Mary Patten, Female Form, ceramic

Katama Murray, Ordinary Organisms, photo emulsion screen prints, dried usnea lichen

Kaylyn Marcotte, The Colours of Emotion, colored pencil on paper

Samantha Ryan, Mission to Mars, linocut

Samantha Ryan, Alice in Wonderland – Broadway Poster, vector artwork

Rachel DeWolfe, Splash, photography

Trevor Duquette, Contemplating Debt, oil paint on paper

Christine Lambert, Untitled, oil paint on canvas

Level C

Sarah Connor, Untitled, acrylic on canvas

Michaila Sheehan, Puddles, acrylic and oil paint

Mikayla Osgood, Sand Dollar, oil paint

Tianna Sparks, Captivating Colors, digital photography

Emily Faulkner, Bubbles, oil paint on canvas

Level D

Angela Lavigne, Transparency, oil paint

Shelby Chapman, Disconnected, oil

Tinglan Yang, Wu Zhen, oil on wood

Mary Patten, Kindred Spirits, oil on canvas

Nicole Bonica, Untitled, charcoal

Sophia Simard, Meraki, monotype

Emily Brody, Transformation, paper and ink

Stephanie Carboni, Purple Rain, oil on canvas

Level E

Madison Stewart, The Aftermath, oil Paint

Madison Stewart, Inside Look, oil Paint

Rachel DeWolfe, Cape Cod, photography

Elliot Buchanan, Portraits, oil on canvas

Rachel Wilcox, Bird in Spring, pastel

Shayne McConnell, San Juan Nat’l Forest, photograph

Mollie Kirwin, Sisters in Arms, digital art

Laura Borchert, Stepping into the light, photography

Award Winners
Best in Level A: Tam Phan, Mass Production, 3D Clay, acrylic
Best in Level B: Mary Patten, Female Form, 3D ceramic
Best in Level C: Sarah Connor, untitled, 2D acrylic on canvas
Best in Level D: Angela Lavigne, Transparency, 2D Oil Paint
Best in Level E: Madison Stewart, The Aftermath, 2D Oil Paint
Best in Show: Shelby Chapman, Disconnected, 2D Oil
Jurors Choice: Autumn Hughes, Cheese Grater Chair, 3D Aluminum