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Test Exhibition

Travel back in time and imagine your stay at the Vacation Playground of America. This Online exhibition features artifacts from the Balsams Hotel collection at the Museum of the White Mountains graciously donated by Mr. Stephen Barba.



Arriving to Dixville Notch...

Dixville Notch WM202100317

“Dixville Notch is a rugged cleft in the mountain wall, flanked by tremendous crags, and strewn with splintered masses of rock that look as if some awful convulsion of past ages had rent the mountain range asunder. Yet a little further on, the blue lake at the entrance of the notch speaks only of peace and beauty. The loveliness of the forest-clad hills, and the life-giving freshness of the mountain air is unspeakably appealing to the careworn and city-weary.”

Dixville Notch WM202100308

Climb to Dixville Peak WM202100479


The Balsams Hotel at First Glance...

Balsams Panorama WM202100352

“Not far from where the White Mountain range crosses the Canadian border, mid towering peaks, and two thousand feet above the sea, stands The Balsams. A more picturesque setting could not be imagined. Wooded Mountains, peaceful valleys, shimmering lakes and roaring waterfalls, all lend enchantment. Here people come from all over the country to rest and to play and to breathe the healthful, balsam-laden Mountain air.”

Lake Gloriette WM202100625


What to do During Your Stay...


Lake Gloriette WM202100818

Vacation time at the Balsams spells happiness and contentment. Our vast estate with golf, swimming, riding, shooting, tennis, fishing and an endless chain of activities becomes yours for the summer.

Balsams Golf Course WM202100692

Relaxing on the Club House Terrace WM202100817

The golf course of eighteen holes covers 6300 yards and is the sportiest in the white mountains. It was laid out by Mr. Donald J. Ross. On the course is a modern clubhouse with every facility, where golfers may bathe and rest, take tea, or have a light lunch served.”

Lunch on the Terrace WM202100782

Lawn fetes, garden parties, picnics and tea dances enliven the outdoor social activities and are prominently identified with the water sports carnivals, trapshooting, golf and tennis tournaments and other events.

Canoe Race Spectators WM202100806

Music on the Lawn WM202100819

Cold Spring WM202100599

“The great number of interesting points in the surrounding region are a constant invitation to walks, rides and drives, ranging from a ten-minute walk to Moss Glen or Cold Spring to a day’s excursion to Dixville Peak. The cool, dry air and the well-marked paths along carefully selected routes, make walking and mountain climbing much less fatiguing than usual. The great number of interesting views add to the walks a never-ending pleasure, while the absence of snakes, dangerous wild beasts and all vegetable poisons greatly increases the enjoyment of visitors.”

A Ride around Lake Gloriette 202100798

A Walk through Dixville Notch WM202100838

Horseback riding in Dixville Notch WM202100768


Other Accommodations Include...

Interior Lounge WM202100860

Guest Bedroom WM202100849

Here you will find every accommodation that is conducive to comfort, steam heat, open fireplaces, hardwood floors, electric light, private baths, roomy closets, and comfortable, homelike furnishings. The suites in the new fireproof section of the hotel, particularly, are exquisite in design and furnishings.

Guest Bedroom WM202100859

Big public rooms with open fireplaces and homey furnishings, the library, music room, writing room, billiard room, lounge and office lobby, all contribute toward making the time spent indoors enjoyable.

All of the bedrooms are bathed in sunlight the greater part of the day, and all of them are tastefully furnished and decorated. All guests’ rooms command an unobstructed view of mountains, valleys and lakes.


A Commitment to Quality...

The Balsams Farmstead WM202100639

Forrest Howe at Balsams WM202100631

John H. Marshall at The Balsams WM202100632

The Balsams Estate contains 2,500 acres of land devoted to farming. The purpose of the farm is to supply both the summer and winter hotels with meats, dairy products, and vegetables of unsurpassed quality; and to breed and sell stock that is characterized by its individual excellence and blood. There are 15 complete farms operated as separate units, but under one management, thus enabling the different breeds to be kept entirely separate.

Dining Room WM202100864

The appointments, service and menu at the balsams cannot be surpassed. A large, cheerful dining hall occupies a central position and offers pleasant views of the lakes and mountains.

Dining with a view WM202100866

Trained Staff is at Your Command...

Staff member posing with a racoon on his shoulder WM202100792

This is an attempt to acquaint you with some of the personnel who will have the privilege of serving you at the Balsams this season. These gentlemen will receive you on your arrival, assist toward making your visit enjoyable and pleasant, and express the sincere desire when you depart to have you with us again next season.


Experience new happiness this Summer living in the “Switzerland of America”

Table Rock WM202100847


Meet our Donor, Mr. Stephen Barba

Stephen Barba spent 48 years working at the Balsams Hotel, starting out as a caddy and then moving on to spend three decades as the president and managing partner. Throughout his years in management, he served as an active volunteer and leader in several professional and community organizations. He has received many awards including the National Resort Executive of the year, and was honored for his life-time achievement by eight state and regional organizations. In 2018, Stephen Barba donated his personal collection of Balsams related memorabilia and related materials gathered throughout his career including postcards, brochures, notebooks, art, photographs and other misc. Materials related to the Balsams Hotel, The White Mountains, and New Hampshire.


About this Project:

My name is Annalise Fazzina and I am a student intern at the Museum of the White Mountains pursuing a degree in Art History. The main purpose of this project is to persuade audiences to travel back through the 1900’s and experience a summer at the Balsams Hotel. Although this exhibition only showcases bits and pieces of the entire collection, I hope you are feeling inspired to learn more by viewing The Museum of the White Mountains entire online collection here. MWM Digital Database