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On the Trail of Guy Shorey

Guy Shorey was born in 1891 in Gorham, New Hampshire. Some would say Gorham was a railroad town, and Shorey’s family a railroad family, but to young Guy Shorey, Gorham was a wonderful mountain town, and his dream was to capture it, its people, and its dramatic surroundings through the new art and science of photography.

Shorey’s dream was realized. Through his determined character, innate ability, and years of hard work, he became know as a preeminent White Mountain photographer. While his studio was located in Gorham, his notoriety spread throughout the State and even beyond.  Shorey’s photographs reflected several of his roles in his community: as an Observer of the White Mountain scene, as an Entrepreneur whose creativity gave him and others a livelihood, and as an Artist who demonstrated his love of the  New Hampshire  landscape through his works.