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Plymouth State University is honored to present Guy Shorey: Among the White Hills, curated by Peter Crane of the Mount Washington Observatory’s Gladys Brooks Memorial Library.


This exhibition shows the scope of Shorey’s work that was so important in recording the people and places, as well as the work and leisure activity in the White Mountains region in the early-to-mid-twentieth century. His business acumen and the success of the Guy Shorey Studios in Gorham, and later in Randolph, ensured the broad dissemination of his work.


Shorey was bound to the region by his great love of the White Mountains that he hiked extensively and his civic commitment to Gorham. It is this profound connection to the area that makes this exhibition and catalogue a particularlyappropriate preface to the future Museum of the White Mountains at Plymouth State University, which will honor the legacy of the region. Preceded by As Time Passes Over the Land: White Mountain Art, this is the second and final exhibition before the museum opens in the fall of 2012.


Guy Shorey’s keen observation, artistic vision, and prolific production have been aptly preserved in the extensive collection at the Mount Washington Observatory Museum, part of which is on display in this exhibition.


I would like to thank Peter Crane; Scot Henley, executive director of the Mount Washington Observatory; and the Gladys Brooks Foundation for their support for the Shorey collection over the years. Eric Pedersen of the Appalachian Mountain Club generously loaned the images of the new Madison Hut.


Special recognition should also be given to the Shorey heirs, Sara Glines, Rebecca Boothman, and the late Susan Hawkins, whose appreciation of family and local heritage led them to donate the Guy L. Shorey collection of images, artifacts, and other items to the Mount Washington Observatory. In making available to the public so many remarkable items associated with Guy Shorey, his life, his times, and his White Mountains community, their gift honors their grandfather and the North Country.



Catherine S. Amidon

Director, Museum of the White Mountains