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MWM Press Release. February 21, 2020

Museum of the White Mountains McLane Fellow, Jacob Mosby’21, has designed and tested a new outreach program for local elementary schools.  Jacob is an education major, who is excited about teaching, especially science and math topics. He has been meeting with school principals and teachers, gathering feedback and interest in ways schools can visit the Museum and have the Museum visit them. In early February, Jacob took the Mountains on the Move program to Russell Elementary School’s after school program.

Packing up two original Karl Drerup artworks from the Museum’s collection, Jacob led the young students through an experience of observing and responding to art, while using the artworks’ subject matter to dig into the natural science topic: amphibians in the White Mountains.

Jacob reports, “Mostly focusing on salamanders and frogs, students received several opportunities to be creative and expressive through storytelling and art-making. Students ended the experience by working together to make a large-scale winter scene, adding in their artistic creations.”

Thanks to Jacob, the program was a huge success! This will be the beginning of Mountains on the Move programs available to travel to other schools.