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March 28th, 2012 by Betsy


  1. You MUST reserve a session in order to attend orientation.
  2. Students accepted into the Freshman Abroad Program at the University of Limerick must sign up for Session D – June 21 & 22.  For more info regarding the Limerick program, please contact Deb Regan
  3. We encourage you to reserve your session on-line as soon as possible as sessions fill up quickly.
  4. If the session of your choice is full, please sign up for another available session.
  5. PAYMENT is for family/guests ONLY…the student’s fee is built into the fall semester tuition bill. The payment options via the web are VISA and MasterCard.
  6. Please retain the email for your records. Please note…..We do not take reservations over the telephone or email.
  7. Remember that you will be pre-scheduled for classes prior to your arrival. The class offerings available for your selection are not affected by which session you choose to attend. New students must attend student orientation in order to enroll as a student at Plymouth State University.

Are you ready…click on the session of your choice to sign up !!!

Session A ~ June 7 & 8 (Sunday & Monday)

Session B ~ June 14 & 15 (Sunday & Monday)

Session C ~ June 17 & 18 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Session D ~ June 21 & 22 (Sunday & Monday) not available to sign up until May 22nd

Can’t Join Us in June? Never Fear – We’ll See You at Fall Opening!

We realize that despite four different options for June Orientation, there may be students unable to attend an early summer session. A fifth orientation option, Fall Opening, will be held just prior to the beginning of school on August 30 & 31, 2015. Information will be sent in early August to everyone unable to attend the June sessions. Students who were unable to attend any of the June sessions will automatically be included in Fall Opening. We hope, however, that you will make every effort possible to attend a June program, as these sessions provide comprehensive coverage of the many facets of university life, as well as offer a parent program.

Please remember that all new students must attend student orientation in order to enroll as a student at Plymouth State University.