58 Receive Service Recognition

October 29th, 2004 by Adam

A total of 58 (52 full-time and six part-time) employees were recognized for their service to Plymouth State University at the annual Campus Recognition Reception October 27.

Those receiving recognition included:

35-Year Recognition

Dick Fletcher

30-Year Recognition

Mary E. Campbell, Gail Carr, Bill Kietzman,Dominick Marocco and Wayne Vlk

25-Year Recognition

Nancy Aldrich, Roger Babin, Peter S. Cofran, Pat Hage,
Barton Macchiette, Dennis McManus, Annette Mitchell, Diane Newberry, Mark Okrant, Ellen Shippee, Robert Swift

20-Year Recognition

Elaine Allard, Elaine Berry, Dick Bruce Jr., Robert Fitzpatrick, Katy Fralick, Bill Haust, Ed Huckins, Dennise Maslakowski, Susan Noel, Frank Olcott, Deb Tobine

15-Year Recognition
Carolyn Adams, Jane Babin, Robin Cummings, Juanita Field, Jerry Griffin, Mil Haines, Jen Hall, Lisa Ladd, Susan Lafreniere, Barbara McCahan, Lisa Prince, Martha Riess, Pahl (Buzzy) Sharrow

10-Year Recognition

Ellen Braley, Joy Butler, Kent Cherrington, Lynn Davis, Ginny Fisher, Dean Merrill, Paul Mroczka, Jonathan Santore, Kurt Schroeder, Richard Sparks, Susan Superchi

25-Year Part-time</b?

Tom O’Donnell

20-Year Part-time

Ken Bergstrom

15-Year Part-time

Scott Maltzie

10-Year Part-time

Jan Bass, Judi D’Aleo

Sodexho Employee

Carol Gowen – 10 years