AnnMarie Morse to Speak at Plymouth State University’s Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony May 16

May 11th, 2009 by Adam

AnnMarie Morse will bring her inspiring story of perseverance and hope to Plymouth State University’s Undergraduate Commencement on Saturday, May 16. AnnMarie Morse spearheaded a nationwide effort to ensure seriously ill college students can continue to receive health care insurance through their family’s health insurance policy, even if they are unable to maintain their full-time student status.

AnnMarie’s daughter, Michelle, was a Plymouth State University student when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although Michelle’s doctor suggested she take a leave of absence from school, she maintained a full course schedule in order to keep her health insurance coverage. Michelle Morse died in November, 2005. AnnMarie said her resolve to change health insurance laws was inspiration from her daughter.

“My motto is, never mess with a mom who is passionate about a cause,” said Morse. “Although we couldn’t help Michelle, I wanted to prevent any other college student who would have to make the choice Michelle had to make.”

AnnMarie Morse said her Commencement message will be to expect the unexpected, and never give up.

“There we will be challenges and detours along the way,” said Morse. “Are you going to face it head on? Or will you give up? When Michelle passed away, I could have crawled in a corner and given up, I wasn’t giving up, I knew there would be an angel on my shoulder – to this day, I wear an angel pin on my right shoulder.”

Morse, a resident of Candia, N.H., is a business technology teacher at Pembroke Academy, and has been married for 27 years to her husband, Glen. She has a son, Michael, who is 23.

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