Assistance Offered to NH Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

September 5th, 2005 by Adam

Plymouth State University is offering New Hampshire students enrolled at institutions that have been closed due to Hurricane Katrina, the option to take courses at PSU through a special admission opportunity. Enrollment in courses will be on a space available basis and depend on a student having met all prerequisite coursework.

PSU is particularly poised to assist education majors with student teaching placements. Displaced students interested in finding out how they can still meet their student teaching requirements this fall should contact the PSU Office of Teacher Accreditation, Assessment and Clinical Experiences at 603-535-2807.

Plymouth State can also be a resource for students in helping them assess what other options may exist in Louisiana, and/or when there home institutions may be back online before enrolling at PSU.

It is important to note PSU will not be able to provide housing. Displaced students interested in pursuing this special admission opportunity will need to commute or seek off campus housing opportunities.

“We all have been moved by the images of desperation and despair flashing across our televisions and computer screens,” says PSU President Wharton. “Asking ‘What can we do to help?’ is a natural reaction. While the campus is in the process of pulling together a number of different fundraising initiatives, assisting our home-state students displaced by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina is something the institution can do to reach out and offer assistance.”

The PSU chapter of the American Meteorological Society is organizing a fundraiser in conjunction with the American Red Cross. United Campus Ministry and Catholic Campus Ministry at PSU are working with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to provide much needed emergency response kits. UMCOR is one of the few faith-based organizations recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Hartman Union Building is in the preliminary planning stages for a fundraising concert.