Biederman Zamboni Takes the Ice at Plymouth State University

November 5th, 2010 by Adam

When Plymouth State alums Scott and Patti Biederman learned their alma mater was planning on building a state-of-the-art ice arena , they were thrilled. The couple has a long and rich history supporting Plymouth State athletics, like packing traveling box lunches and dinners for athletes in every sport and organizing a fundraising effort to upgrade the University’s soccer facilities. With the opening of the Hanaway Rink as part of the ALLWell complex, Scott ’75 and Patti ’76 have again stepped up to help their alma mater with a gift for the new Ice Arena’s Zamboni machine. The Zamboni 552 has been dubbed ‘the Zamboa,’ in tribute to a popular sandwich at their downtown Plymouth restaurant, Biederman’s Deli. The five-and-half ton ice resurfacing machine will be adorned with an image of the sandwich, along with logos for the Deli and the Biederman’s adjoining business, Chase Street Market. Scott and Patti’s son Bryan, a ’07 PSU graduate, developed the ‘Zamboa’ graphic design, which will be one–of-a-kind. Patti Biederman says the Zamboni gift makes a lot of sense.

Scott and Patti Biederman with the new “Zamboa” machine at PSU’s Hanaway Rink

“We both felt that the Zamboni is a big focal point; a fun thing,” said Patti. “From the business perspective, it appeared to be the most practical form of advertising because it’s a moving target,” added Scott. “We could have given to the University in so many ways, but supporting the Zamboni seemed like the perfect fit for Biederman’s Deli. We wanted to keep our relationship with the University as strong as it’s always been. Providing the funds for the Zamboni seemed like a great way to enhance our partnership with the college.”

The Ice Arena is the first phase of PSU’s new ALLWell Center complex (Active Living, Learning, and Wellness) and includes the Gene and Joan Savage Welcome Center in addition to Hanaway Rink. Future phases of the ALLWell Center will house classrooms, research laboratories, lecture halls, and multipurpose activity laboratories for academic and athletic programs and a new field house. Both Biedermans say they are very happy the University is embarking on major facility upgrade, and they hope other alumni see the value in supporting the University in general and athletics in particular.

“Our goal is to be a leader and hope our peers follow,” stated Patti. “We’ve always felt, as business people, one of the biggest advertisers for Plymouth State has been athletics,” noted Scott. “Athletics is where you get a lot of headlines. I think the timing for building the ALLWell Center is absolutely perfect and I think the end result is going to be terrific. We feel the University is on the cutting edge with this arena and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Scott and Patti are among Plymouth State’s greatest success stories. They started their deli business nearly 35 years ago after graduating, and have become well-known and respected both on and off campus for their charitable giving and community service. PSU honored them in 2008 with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award; they say the best is yet to come for Plymouth State, citing all of the recent upgrades to the 139 year-old campus. But according to Scott Biederman, some of the biggest changes at Plymouth State aren’t all bricks and mortar.

“I think the spirit of alumni is a bit different,” Scott said. “I hope they see the value of what can happen to the place they went to school by contributing to its success. We are starting to see more and more students that are second generation college students. 25 or 30 years ago, that wasn’t happening. Back then, the concept of alumni giving back to a state school was ‘I don’t think so,’ but today, I think there is more attachment to the school. We want to help instill the spirit of giving –that’s what the Zamboni is all about and I think you’re going to see alumni that are totally blown away by what is happening here.”

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