Bill Crangle Announces Retirement as PSU’s VP for Financial Affairs

October 9th, 2007 by Adam

PSU’s Vice President for Finance Affairs Bill Crangle has announced his retirement as the University’s chief financial officer after 13 years effective June 30, 2008.

President Sara Jayne Steen told faculty members earlier this semester that Vice President Crangle has had enormous positive impact on the campus, in areas from financial management to capital planning and long-range technology. “The wonderful buildings and physical beauty of the campus are part of his legacy.”


Crangle’s talent and skills, however, will not be lost to the University after June 30, as he will return half-time as Special Assistant to the President for Environmental Sustainability for at least two years, to lead the University’s efforts in environmental sustainability. “This two-year transition will allow me to concentrate my energy in an area for which I have a great deal of interest and passion, while continuing to serve the University,” Crangle said.

The Special Assistant to the President for Environmental Sustainability is a new position created by the President to focus on PSU’s environmental initiatives.

“The University is establishing its leadership role nationally with regard to environmental sustainability initiatives,” Steen said. “In this new role, Bill will be sure that our initiatives are realized as PSU moves toward achieving carbon neutrality.”

As vice president, Crangle’s success in support of institutional accomplishments has been significant and far-reaching. He helped to engineer a campus strategic planning initiative that refocused admission standards and goals to improve the school’s academic foundation and fiscal position. He also worked with students, administrators and vendors to design and build the first LEED Gold certified academic residence hall in New Hampshire. Crangle’s environmentally sensitive vision and his business organizational skills have helped the University redefine and refine its standards of excellence.

“Plymouth is a great place to work in teams,” said Crangle. “We are a forward-looking institution and it has been rewarding for me to contribute toward that momentum. I’ve been very lucky to be a part of this positive time in University history.”

High on his list of projects with positive outcomes is conversion of the school’s student data information systems to an entirely new software and way of doing business.

“Replacing one major software system with another while continuing to conduct the business of the institution is a major challenge. Our staff rolled up their sleeves and got the job done – on time and on budget,” he said.

Because of Crangle’s organization and planning with a cross-campus team, the Plymouth State data software conversion was so successful that it has been used as a model for other schools; and PSU participants have been asked to lead workshops at conferences on difference aspects of the project.

In addition to his leadership in the Langdon Woods project, which has brought national attention to the University for its model of sustainability, Crangle has been instrumental in defining and bringing to fruition projects in the University’s long-range plan. He is particularly proud of the expansion of Lamson Library, the Boyd Science Center renovation and expansion, the restoration of Mary Lyon Residence Hall and the prioritizing of deferred maintenance projects. Crangle recognized that the postponing of repairs and refurbishments was taking a heavy toll on the usability of campus facilities, long-term finances, and the morale of the campus community. “Many of these projects evolved because of a good review and planning process,” Crangle said, “and each successful project provides us important, useful information for the next one.”

“Bill’s leadership has been extraordinary, and his accomplishments have been many and important,” Steen said. “I’m pleased that the University will be able to continue to benefit from his wide-ranging knowledge, his experience, and his commitment to the Plymouth State University community.”

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