Clinic Opening

January 1st, 2005 by Adam

Plymouth State University and Whole Village Family Resource Center established a
partnership that provides free counseling services to the community, while enabling
PSU graduate counseling majors to gain valuable clinical experience.

The clinic is staffed by core faculty of the Counselor Education program and by counselors-intraining.
The Center provides space for the clinic, which serves as a training facility for
students during their 100-hour practicum.

L-R are University President Don Wharton; Kate
Ransom, director of Brian’s House in the Village; Rev. B.W. (Pete) Woodward, a tri-president
of Whole Village; Dr. Gary Goodnough, coordinator of school counseling in the Plymouth State
M.Ed. program and Dr. Gail Mears, clinic director and coordinator of the M.Ed.mental health
counseling concentration. Prospective clients may call 536-3720 ext.108 to make an appointment.
Clinic hours are Tuesday – Thursday, noon to 8 p.m.