Colleen Brickley Named 2005 Graduate Distinguished Teacher for MBA

May 9th, 2005 by Adam

Colleen Brickley was named Graduate Distinguished Teacher for Plymouth State University’s Master of Business Administration program for 2005 at the faculty meeting on May 4, 2005.

Says Professor Daniel P. Moore, co-chair of the business department, “Colleen is amazing in her ability to present concepts. She’ll capture and teach complex economic ideas in a variety of formats: textually, graphically and mathematically. Regardless of a student’s learning style, Colleen can and does teach to them.”

Brickley believes that economics has significant relevance to everyday business decisions, and works to convey that idea. “I hope that my students will learn to enjoy the art of problem solving and gain confidence in their own abilities to apply the economic theories, tools and analysis that they have learned to real situations.”

Brickley received her B.A. in mathematics with honors from the University of Delaware in Newark, Del. She says that as an undergraduate, “I started taking courses in economics as a related field, and really appreciated the concept of an economic way of thinking and the decisions that all people have to make in their economic worlds. When I decided to attend graduate school, I chose economics as my field because it would give me a chance to use my quantitative skills to address real-world problems and situations.”

Brickley began her teaching career as a mathematics instructor at Tilton School. “It was this very positive experience which helped me decide to attend graduate school and prepare for a career in college teaching,” she recalls. She earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of New Hampshire, then returned to Delaware and taught economics at her own alma mater for 15 years. Brickley joined the Plymouth State faculty in 1993 as an instructor in the business department. From 1998 to 2001, she served as the director of the MBA program.

Brickley’s research interests range from applied microeconomics and statistical analysis to women and the economy. She was appointed by the Governor to the State of New Hampshire Equalization Standards Board as the public representative with statistical expertise. She also serves as treasurer of the Board of Directors of Speare Hospital, as a member of the Social Studies Revision Committee for the State of New Hampshire, and as a Board member of Speare Medical Associates.