Courtesy Counts at Plymouth State University

October 31st, 2006 by Adam

PSU students demonstrating civility and courtesy at pedestrian crosswalks are being rewarded with specially produced wooden nickels, redeemable for a free premium coffee on campus. The “Civility Initiative” is an effort to reward students who walk quickly through the cross walks and acknowledge drivers who stop for them. Student leaders were given the tokens earlier this month to distribute when they see an act of consideration at a crosswalk.

Tim Keefe, dean of students, believes the initiative will make an impact in the community.

“In working with the student leadership to develop this initiative, I was very impressed with their enthusiasm, sensitivity and sense of community spirit,” said Keefe. “In the hectic lives we all lead, saying thanks and showing courtesy for even the ‘expected’ things brightens someone’s day.”

Peter Laufenberg, student body president and an organizer of the program, says the student senate has distributed many of the 350 tokens. Laufenberg added students are pleasantly surprised when they are offered a token for a seemingly innocuous act.

“They’re unaware that something so simple can have such a huge impact in the community, Laufenberg said. “That they are being acknowledged for doing something they do everyday, and they are being positively recognized for it.”

For more information, contact PSU Media Relations Mgr. Bruce Lyndes at 603-535-2775