Creativity Soars During Mindflight

June 22nd, 2006 by Adam

Each July, after Plymouth State University students and graduates have left for home, summer jobs and new careers, the campus transforms into an equally bustling place as learners of all ages arrive to complete summer classes, institutes and workshops. The University offers several annual opportunities for local middle and high school students to pursue their passions in art, music, dance, technology, science and other fields.

One of these innovative programs is Mindflight. Held July 16 to July 21, Mindflight 2006 is a residential program that provides sixth, seventh and eighth-graders with the opportunity to work with University faculty, classroom teachers and artists to create Web-based projects. Using the University’s facilities – including state-of-the-art computer labs, Mark Sylvestre Planetarium, Silver Center for the Arts, art and graphic design studios and Boyd Science Center – students will explore ideas and gain practical skills in many types of technology.

Students in the Mindflight program choose among five different options: Ecological Expeditions, Multimedia Madness, Mythical Masks of Creative Expression, Sights and Sounds of Space and Video Ventures. Each theme involves the use of technology to explore one or more academic or artistic subject areas, including art, design, biology, astronomy, statistics, language arts, cultural studies, music and video production.

The fee for the residential program is $425, which includes room, meals, instruction, materials and all activities. There is an additional $25 application fee. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Psychology Professor James McGarry is the founder and director of Mindflight. For more information about the program, contact Dr. McGarry at (603) 535-2365 or Mary Washburn at (603) 535-2203, or logon to
Mindflight is sponsored by PSU’s College of Graduate Studies.

The Junior and Senior Piano Monster Festivals, held June 25 through July 2, offer middle and high school piano students a chance to work collaboratively with other pianists and improve their techniques and skills. For more information or a brochure, please contact Dr. Carleen Graff, Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Plymouth State University, at (603) 535-2313 or visit
The Summer Dance Intensive, held July 10-14, is designed to provide dancers ages 12 and up with an opportunity to study with professional instructors, learn about the choreographic process and perform in the Silver Cultural Arts Center. The program is open to 35 to 45 students from around the country, some of whom stay overnight in PSU residence halls. Technical classes are held in modern dance, ballet, jazz and dance composition. Workshops in body/mind centering, injury prevention and other themes are also available. For more information or a brochure, contact PSU Director of Dance Joan Wiegers at (603) 535-2713 or visit