Distance Learning Comes to PSC

October 26th, 2000 by Adam

Professor Arthur Fried of the English department will be
offering PSC’s first undergraduate distance learning course,
“Introduction to Popular Fiction”, over Winterim. Any PSC
student with a computer, a modem and access to the World
Wide Web will be able to take the course from anywhere in
the world.

“In this course students will have a chance to read and
study science fiction, detective fiction and horror
fiction,” said Fried. “The class is designed with working
students in mind. They will be able to work at their own
pace, during their leisure

Required texts for the class will be three paperback fiction
anthologies. According to Fried, the books will be
available from the PSC Bookstore or online booksellers such
as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The total cost will be
approximately $33.

Students enrolled in the course will be expected to read two
or three short stories each weekday. They will also be
expected to write two short papers, keep an interactive
diary, and complete a final project.

“Interactive diaries will be posted online so that each
member of the class will be able to read and comment on
them,” Fried explained. “The final projects will also be
posted online for everyone to view.”

Final projects might include power point presentations,
creation of new web sites, audio or video projects, Fried
said, adding that students who want to, will also have the
option of writing a short term paper for the final project.

The class will be taught using WebCT educational software.
“Several members of the English department have had great
success using WebCT to teach classes on campus,” Fried
said. “This class will go one step beyond and bring us
fully into the digital age.”

For additional information contact Professor Fried at
afried@mail.plymouth.edu. The web address for the online
Popular Fiction class is