Draper & Maynard Makerspace Equipment and Capabilities

ShopBot PRSAlpha 9660 CNC (Computer Numerical Control) table

  • can cut sheet stock up to 4′ x 8′ in size of various woods and plastics, and ¼” metal.
  • can work with substances up to 6-inches thick, using up to six different tools that it knows to change on its own.

TorchMate 4800 plasma-cutting table

  • can cut steel up to one inch thick using an 80 amp plasma torch.
  • executes precise patterns from computer files

BossLaser 150-watt HP-3650 laser cutter

  • uses a 150-watt laser to do fine detail work on paper and various substrates, including a variety of wood, acrylic, paper, lexan, etc. Can also cut 18 ga steel with an oxygen tank assist on a special head.

Edwards 55 Ton Ironworker and 10-Ton Pipe Bender

  • can cut, shape, punch, and bend metals into many shapes, building lightweight frames for vehicles, mobility, building enclosures for strength, and working with steel plate up to 1″ thick or square and round tubing and schedule 40 pipe, using 65,000 PSI of force. 

3D printing and Paragon Kiln

  • Students can create projects in new materials such as carbon fiber, nylon, PEEK, PEI, and others. For 3D printing in metal, there is bronze, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Metal prints are fired in the kiln using a sintering process. Stainless steel 3D prints are fired using an Argon atmosphere, to keep the metal safe from impurities.

Baileigh Ring Roller, and Box Brake

  • The Ring Roller can roll square and round tubing or schedule 40 pipe in to wide arcs. The Box Brake is capable of folding sheet metal in to different shapes. It works in concert with the powered shear and slip roller in the welding area.

For soft goods

  • Vinyl cutter can cut dress patterns, and vinyl for signage, all-weather decals, heat transfers, paint masks, and twill. There are also complete Brother sewing machine kits, leather punches, a dapping block.
  • The space is rounded out with glue guns, a tabletop hot wire thermocutter to work with various types of foam for creating props and other items.  

EMTR lab

  • A 1 Gs/s 100Mhz Oscilloscope, Dremel tool kits, drill presses, a desktop ring roller for making wheels and gears, DC power supplies, and dual-screen Ubuntu Linux workstations for ROS programming and Gazebo simulations.
  • Many tools, including soldering irons and a variety of starter kits for coding and electronics. The kits include Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensor kits, Servo kits, and more.

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