E-Brochure Launched to Promote Italy Excursion

September 23rd, 2004 by Adam

Kathleen Arecchi and Allan DiBiase (Music, Theatre, and Dance),
have organized a 17-day, cultural iimmersion program to Italy that
will be offered as a Winterm study-abroad course, <a
Real Italy: Language and Culture in Umbria.”

Working with Tina Newberry in the Public Relations Office, they
launched an “e-brochure” to promote the course.“The
e-brochure format proved to be an excellent medium, given their
budgetary constraints and the evolving program details,”
according to Newberry. The e-brochure also fits into this year’s
“green theme” as no paper has been used to promote the

PSU students who take part will be based in Amelia, Umbria, an
ancient walled hill town, dating to pre-Roman times. According to
DiBiase and Arecchi, the course is designed to provide an
in-depth sense of how a local Italian culture has prospered in
one place for thousands of years.
Students are expected to study the history and current practices
in the cultivation and manufacture of important food products of
the region (olive oil, wine, cheese); the long history of
highly-regarded crafts (ceramics, cloth); and the history of the
area as revealed through the architectural layers of Amelia, many
of which have been excavated,

Arecchi and her husband, Angelo, studied Italian in Amelia in
January 2004 at the Eruolinks School, which was instrumental in
helping to develop the “The Real Italy” program.
Arecchi and DiBiase began planning the trip soon thereafter.

“Kathleen and I met with Stephen Lambert and Debby Regan in the Bagley Center.
That provided us with the basic understandings they’ve
garnered from their PSU International Programs experience over
the years. The concerns they raised with us in that meeting have
been a conditioning factor in everything we’ve done,”
DiBiase says.

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate level students
and departs for Italy on January 7, 2005. A
non-refundable deposit is required by October 20.
The Web site URL is www.plymouth.edu/italyextreme.
Full text of a story about the trip and development of the Web
site is in the September 27 Plymouth Week, that will be online at