EDie Awards Honor Dr. Marianne True

June 17th, 2003 by Adam

Assistant Professor Marianne True (Education) received an “EDie” award at the 10th annual New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards ceremony on Saturday, June 7. “Marianne received the award from New Hampshire Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NHASCD) for her work in developing and sustaining our student chapter, and for her contribution toward our Affiliate Excellence Award from national ASCD,” said Nick Hardy, NHASCD executive director.

Marianne True has been the driving force in helping education majors at Plymouth form a student chapter of NHASCD, an on-campus professional organization for students who plan to become teachers. ASCD International has cited establishing student chapters as an important step in creating diversity and continued growth in the organization. True has helped the students elect officers and schedule outside distinguished educators to attend their meetings and share ideas, and she accompanied representatives of the student chapter as they presented at national conferences in Virginia and San Francisco.

“I’m honored to receive this award, and to work with our education majors here on campus,” True said. “Watching them grow through the professional development opportunities that NHASCD offers is an incredible experience. As I said when I received my award, shortly before our school year ended, one of these terrific college students—a senior here at Plymouth—called me on the phone to say that he had been offered his first job as a teacher. ‘I’m a teacher, Dr. True!’ he shouted into the phone. ‘They hired me! They want me to work with their students!’ Receiving a call like that is truly a privilege!”