Electronic Virus Update

August 22nd, 2003 by Adam

Two viruses spread through the Internet last week wreaking havoc on the Plymouth State network. They caused significant disruption to services and loss of productivity. Plymouth State was not alone.

This latest round of viruses jammed email and networks around the world. Fortunately, beyond the nuisance and impact to productivity, there were no reports of damages to files or computers. Also, we’re lucky that this event occurred prior to the arrival of students and faculty.

ITS took proactive measures to prevent further proliferation of these viruses. Desktop computers around the campus had their anti-virus software updated and an agent installed that will allow ITS to scan for viruses and upgrade their software automatically. Given the ongoing threat and evolution of this malicious Internet activity, it is vital that we maintain the ability to respond to these external threats quickly.

Protection of our network, computing and data assets will be a major priority for Plymouth State in the year to come. It is also important that all of us take steps to keep anti-virus programs current on our home computers. Help is available on the Web at http://owl.plymouth.edu/AntiVir/index.php

If you have questions or need advice, you may also contact the Help Desk at extension 2929.

Thank you for your support.