EMC Executive Chris Kaddaras Offers Wisdom to PSU Students

April 7th, 2009 by Adam
Chris Kaddaras
Chris Kaddaras speaks to PSU students about realities of business world

PLYMOUTH, N.H. — 20 years ago, Chris Kaddaras was a typical Plymouth State student who delivered pizzas, cleaned cars and carried a C average as a business student. Today, he’s a very successful executive with a world-famous company. How did he get there?

Kaddaras recently shared his story with several PSU business classes on succeeding in the business world, offering sage advice on how to get ahead.
“Plymouth gave me a lot when I was here, so I like to spend some time here and give back to the school,” Kaddaras said.

Kaddaras’ first job after leaving PSU in 1992 was as a telemarketer for the Rochester, N.H., based Cabletron. After moving up the ranks at Cabletron, he became intrigued with an upstart Massachusetts high-tech company, EMC, which is now one of the largest and most successful technology companies in New England. Kaddaras joined EMC and excelled in the sales field, eventually advancing to his current position of U.S. Director of Sales. Despite his success, Kaddaras tells students he could have better prepared himself for a sales career with different courses.

“I wish I had taken more time to study finance and capital procurement, more time on presenting in front of people, those are the things that are really marketable,” said Kaddaras.

PSU assistant business professor Brad Allen said that’s exactly the kind of good advice aspiring business students need to hear.

“Students have a lot anxiety, especially during tough economic times, to map out how they’re going to go from a college classroom to their prospective careers,” Allen said. “When you meet a successful executive like Chris Kaddaras, you see some of the steps and directions his life has taken, they see the ups and downs and the imperfections, it gives students more confidence on entering the marketplace.”

“I find a lot of enjoyment with helping people succeed in their career, and this is an extension of that, seeing people in the situation I was once in, helping them navigate their career,” added Kaddaras. “These students should take their first job very seriously, just don’t chase a paycheck, chase a place where you’re going to be developed the most and form the basis of your career.”

“I think Plymouth State is very fortunate to have access to executives like Chris, it’s wonderful to see the growth that’s been taken from our classrooms out into the world, into a multinational environment and be successful,” Allen said.

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