English Professor has Play Produced in New York

November 22nd, 2000 by Adam


Marcia Santore

Paul Rogalus, associate professor of English, saw his one-act play Machine Head staged by Theatre-Studio, Inc. in New York City, November 8-10, 2000.

“Machine Head is the story of Sam, a 22-year-old factory worker, and his attempt to escape the mind-numbing, dehumanizing effect of the factory—an attempt which has already taken its toll on nearly all of the other zombie-like workers,” explains Rogalus. “The play is expressionistic in style, as the factory workers alternate on stage between being realistic human workers and more surrealistic robots, and the factory itself becomes a sort of predatorial monster.”

Rogalus wrote the play during his spring 1999 sabbatical, while working with several playwriting workshops in Boston. Machine Head is loosely based on his experiences working in a factory at the age of 22.

“I was very happy with Theatre-Studio’s production,” Rogalus said. “The director, Eugene Hutchins, has a strong background in choreography and that helped a great deal … Theatre-Studio, Inc. has a reputation for putting on plays with strong social and political themes, and for supporting experimental theater. I’m very proud that they chose to produce one of my plays.”