ETC Children’s Arts Festival

January 10th, 2005 by Adam


The 2005 Educational Theatre Collaborative (ETC) Children’s Arts Festival for grades K-5 will explore the art and culture of Africa. The festival will be held Saturday, January 15, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Silver Cultural Arts Center on the Plymouth State University campus.

The festival offers five workshops in African dance, art, storytelling, costuming and music.

Children will also get a sneak-peak behind the scenes of ETC’s original musical production, Ananse the Spider Man, which is based on an African folktale. This private tour will reveal how the set is built, the way the theatre works and where actors put on makeup and costumes.

A special finale performance ends the day.

Workshop leaders include Lisa Travis, director of dance at New Hampton School; Denise Plante-Renaud, art teacher at New Hampton Community School; Robin Marcotte, a PSU graduate who will portray Ananse; Carmelina Fauteux, the costume designer for Ananse and Julie Krisak, music teacher at Interlakes School.

“The Children’s Arts Festival is a chance for children to explore their creativity in a day filled with new arts experiences,” says Robb Dimmick, festival coordinator. “Past arts festivals held in conjunction with ETC’s main stage production have been very successful, drawing more than 100 enthusiastic children.”

Registration is $35, which includes snacks. Children should bring a bag lunch.

For registration forms or scholarship information, contact Susan Keefe, ETC managing director at
(603) 535-2453.

ETC is a collaboration of Plymouth State University, Plymouth Elementary School and Friends of the Arts. Performance dates are January 26 – 30.