ETC Hosts Integrated Arts Conference for Educators

January 7th, 2008 by Adam

PLYMOUTH, NH — Themes from the January 2008 Production of Pollyanna Provide Workshop Topics

graphic The Educational Theatre Collaborative and Plymouth State University’s College of Graduate Studies will host educators from around the state at the 13th Annual Integrated Arts Conference Jan. 26, 2008. The conference is presented in association with Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.

Eight workshops will be based on themes from ETC’s 2008 production of Pollyanna, an original musical theatre adaptation by ETC artistic director and cofounder, Professor Trish Lindberg, of the novel by Littleton, NH author Eleanor Hodgman Porter.

Pollyanna is the heartwarming tale of a young orphan whose positive spirit transforms everyone around her.

The workshops, presented by some of the state’s premier educators, provide unique applications for using the arts to teach children.

“Integrated arts highlight the power of the arts in education and the importance of the arts to human experience,” said Lindberg, who is the coordinator of M.Ed. programs in integrated arts at Plymouth State University.

Frumie Selchen, executive director of the Arts Alliance of Northern NH, will welcome participants to the conference. Dr. Irene Cucina, associate professor of health and human performance at PSU, will present the keynote address.

Workshops for the 13th Annual Integrated Arts Conference are:

* The Glad Game: Using dramatic activities created from themes in Pollyanna, learn how to create an uplifting learning environment for all children through the power of the arts. Michael Stoddard, program director, Friends of the Arts; professional actor, director and choreographer.

* Mr. Pendleton’s Prism: Using an integrated arts approach, explore the magic of light reflection and refraction through “prisms” and rainbows. Dr. Lisa Spradley, faculty in residence in education, Plymouth State University.

* Connecting Movement to Story, Time and Place: Using Victorian music, and characters and ideas from Pollyanna, explore a multitude of ways to integrate movement activities and parlor games into the classroom. Dr. Irene Cucina, associate professor of health and human performance, Plymouth State University.

* From Littleton to Literature: Exploration of the history of Pollyanna and author Eleanor H. Porter of Littleton, NH, including the participant’s own prescription for “gladness.” Karen Keazirian, executive director, Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc.

* Nothing More or Less: Hands-on workshop using the lessons and resources included in the Teacher Resource Book distributed at the conference. Laura Dwyer, gifted and talented coordinator, Belmont Middle School; Elaine Giguere, music educator, Bow Memorial School; Lisa Goodwin, music educator, Governor Wentworth Regional School District and Gloria Nagel, eighth grade teacher, Good Shepherd School, Barrington.

* Behind the Scenes: Explore the creation of the Pollyanna sculpture in Littleton with its creator, Emile Birch. From widespread collaborations with the Littleton community to the physical “making” of the large bronze statue inspired by Eleanor H. Porter’s Pollyanna, gain a firsthand account of the artist’s process-to-product journey. Emile Birch, professional sculptor, artist/educator, Canaan.

* Express Yourself! Learn how to use dance, movement and writing to help students at all grade levels explore and express complex feelings and emotions born of daily experience—from joy to sorrow and the many shades in between. Jeanne Limmer, Arts in Education Roster, NH State Council on the Arts; owner of Jeanne Limmer Dance Center, North Conway; partner, “Extending the Dance Map: A Northern New England Rural Dance Project.”

* The Joy of Music: Music is a vehicle that transformsour classroom, school and community cultures. Embrace gladness and learn to share it just as Pollyanna was able to do, using music as your tool. Therese Davison, music educator, Kennett High School.

The workshop fee is $125 and includes lunch, refreshments, a staff development certificate, a teacher resource book and a ticket to the 2 p.m. performance of Pollyanna.

For information or to register by telephone, call
Deb Stalnaker
,(603) 535-2933.

To discuss earning graduate credit for attending the Integrated Arts Conference, contact Dr. Lindberg via e-mail to
or by telephone at (603) 535-2647.

ETC is a community arts organization sponsored by the Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, Friends of the Arts and Plymouth Elementary School.

Pollyanna is presented in partnership with those organizations and Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc. Information is available online at

Pollyanna will be presented January 23-27 at the Silver Center for the Arts. Tickets are available at the
Silver Center Box Office, (603) 535-ARTS or online at