Exceptional Board Games on Display at PSU Lamson Library and Learning Commons

March 23rd, 2012 by Elizabeth


Cardinal Richelieu looms over the cast of Dumas’ book, The Three Musketeers. To your left are his tools, the Comte de Rochefort and Lady de Winter. Taking center stage is the protagonist, the young D’Artagnan next to his lady love, Constance. And to your right are the Three Musketeers themselves, Athos, Porthos and Aramis. (Game box photo by Nuno Sentieiro.)

PLYMOUTH, N.H.—Steffan O’Sullivan may be an adult, but he has never stopped playing board games. His current collection contains more than 500 games, but changes constantly as he trades for different games to play.

Among his favorite games at the moment are “Agricola,” a game about farming in 17th Century Europe after the plague, when land was again available for farming; and “A Few Acres of Snow,” which is about the conflict between Britain and France over territory in New England and Quebec.

Games from O’Sullivan’s collection will be displayed in a rotating exhibition at the Lamson Library and Learning Commons at Plymouth State University from April 1–May 11. Each installation will be located in glass cases at the entrance of the learning commons.

The schedule includes:

First installation (April 1–April 13): featuring literary games and corresponding titles from Lamson’s collection.

Second installation (April 14–27): coinciding with PSU’s Medieval and Renaissance Forum, this installation will feature medieval-themed games.

Third installation  (April 28–May 11): inspired by spring, this display will feature creative and artistic games centered on a variety of animal characters.

O’Sullivan, who is a library services supervisor at Lamson, has written six role playing game books and innumerable magazine reviews. He says that as a game enthusiast he has always loved games, and as a child enjoyed playing with his siblings and the many children in his large neighborhood. He still plays frequently.

Lamson Library hours vary and are posted online at http://library.plymouth.edu/hours.

For information about the games or the display call Steffan O’Sullivan at
(603) 535–2964.