Extra Solar Planets at PSC Planetarium

January 23rd, 2001 by Adam

Marcia Santore

January 23, 2001

Plymouth State College presents “Extrasolar Planets” at the Sylvestre Planetarium at 7 p.m., February 6. Dennis Machnik, associate professor of physical science and director of the planetarium, will speak about the new planets which are just now being found in other solar systems, stretching the limits of our current technology.
“We?re finding out we?re not alone,” explains Machnik. “There are other planets we?re just beginning to discover circling other stars.”

“Extrasolar Planets” is appropriate for all ages. Admission is $1.00; all proceeds are used to maintain and upgrade the planetarium. For information about planetarium shows and visits, please contact Dennis Machnik at (603) 535-2748. If special arrangements are needed for persons with disabilities, please call in advance.
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