Faculty Day Celebrated at PSU

August 27th, 2008 by Adam

Plymouth State University faculty and President Sara Jayne Steen celebrated the beginning of a new academic year August 27 by honoring three of their colleagues and highlighting the accomplishments of the past year.

Steen told the assembled faculty at the Silver Center’s Hanaway Theatre that compared to other institutions of higher learning, PSU makes a tangible commitment to faculty with a week of activities.

“There is a genuine community here,” said Steen. “PSU takes care to welcome new faculty, to focus on teaching, on pedagogy as an intellectual activity worthy of serious and ongoing professional development, and to reengage colleagues in our collective goals. That is something for which we all should be grateful.”

Faculty honored at the event include Gary McCool, Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, David Starbuck, Award for Distinguished Scholarship and Patrick May, Distinguished Advisor Award.

Dr. Curtis Bonk, professor of e-learning at Indiana University, delivered the presentation, “Implementing Learning-Centered Teaching in a Technology-Rich Environment.”

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