Faculty Exhibition thru October 11 at Drerup Gallery

September 9th, 2008 by Adam

Photo caption:

Tom Driscoll, Modes of Speaking #1, acrylic and graphite on panel.

The annual Faculty Exhibition at the Karl Drerup Art Gallery will lead off a fall full of visual arts experiences at Plymouth State University.

This always popular event showcases faculty as artists and opens a dialogue with students and the community. A reception with the artists will be held from 4–6 p.m. Wednesday, September 10 at the Drerup Gallery.

“The nature of an educational environment makes the membership of an art department an unusually diverse group of artists. The flow of new people and ideas constantly adds to the mix as young faculty arrive and more senior members share their deep experience,” said Gallery Director Catherine Amidon.

The artists’ statements talk about their work, often in very personal language. Excerpts from those statements reveal much about their aesthetic sensibility:

“For many of us, there are special works that are dear to us and which we keep in our personal collection. They hold our memories and life stories and more. I emphasize to my students the importance of gesture and rhythm, of building the drawing up from the gesture. In this drawing, you can see the initial gesture that has become an essential part of the drawing,” said Department Chair Cynthia Vascek.

Associate Professor Tom Driscoll’s two pieces represent a continuing interest in marks and mark-making. “The ‘text’in these two pieces (which is viewed as text because of the structure in which the marks are arranged …) reflects an appreciation on my part of the visual beauty and power that these marks can evoke, irrespective of any specifically assigned cultural meaning (they deliberately have no “translatable” references),” Driscoll said.

Nick Sevigney, who is new to the department this year, works in clay. “Clay’s potential to mimic wood, steel, animal or insect suits my interests. I use this trompe l’oeil aspect of the material to create my vessels. Textures in brain coral, sea anemones, jagged riveted sheet metal, and insects like the praying mantis and cicada fascinate me. They are beautiful and intricate, yet conversely faced with sharp edges and spines for functional defense purposes. Their shapes and textures help me attain some of the tactile yet foreboding elements in my work, “ he said.

Elizabeth D’Amico is an adjunct faculty member, teaching part time in the art department.“For quite some time my work has had the natural environment and its preservation as an underlying theme. If I am not using entirely recycled materials then I am using new materials to make a statement about the need to protect and preserve the natural environment,” D’Amico said.

Faculty participating the 2008 exhibition are: John Anderson, photography; Lauren von Duyke-Dadmun, stoneware clay; Elizabeth D’Amico, mixed media; Anita Dillman, lithographs; Terry Downs, tempera, graphite and ink, etching and digital print; Tom Driscoll, acrylic and graphite on panel, Greg Finley, mixed media; Bill Haust, pastel on paper andMike Heffernan, oil on canvas.

Also Carol Jowdy, collograph and embossing; Jong-Yoon Kim, paper and digital print;
Annette Mitchell, quilt, polystyrene block prints; Robert Morton, steel sculptures; Jay Moskowitz , digital photo print; Marylena Corrado Sevigney, sculpture; Nick Sevigney, wood- fired stoneware; Kathi Smith, oil paintings; Mary Stoermer, limestone sculpture; Sue Tucker, painted ceramics; Cynthia Vascak, conté drawing and Joan Wirth, oil on canvas.

Karl Drerup Art Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Wednesday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; and by appointment. The Gallery is closed most PSU holidays.

For gallery information call (603) 535-2614.

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