Featuring Faculty

November 14th, 2001 by Adam

An important connection between faculty and students occurs when faculty exhibit their own work in a public forum, according to PSC Director of Exhibitions, Catherine Amidon. Whether presenting works from early in their career, current pieces, or experimental work, in this exhibition, faculty welcome viewers into the private realm of the teacher as artist. Amidon says, “This special exhibition presents an opportunity for students and members of the greater Plymouth State College community to become better acquainted with PSC art department faculty outside the classroom, as artists working in a variety of media.

One contributor commented, “Artists choose this field because they love to make art, as well as teach it. It’s important for faculty to keep up with our own work outside the classroom. As department faculty we have the advantage of being able to exhibit right here on campus, where students can benefit.”

Exhibitors include Nash Horton, Joan Wirth, Mary Crump, Barbara Bragg, Michael Heffernan, Cynthia Vascak, Annette Mitchell and Bill Haust. Also, Phil Lonergan, Chehalis Hegnar, Brian Cohen, Marcia Santore, Shandra McLane, Gayle Fichtinger, Terry Downs, Susan Tucker, John-Yoon Kim, Lauren Dadmun, Carol Jowdy and Tom Driscoll and Jay Moskowitz.