France: An Artist’s Point of View

March 25th, 2004 by Adam

The Society for Scholarly Dialogue at Plymouth State University will present adjunct art faculty member Carol Jowdy speaking about the people, places and points of interest discovered by Jowdy and students on an historical and artistic sojourn to France in May 2003.

The program, which will be held Monday, April 5 at the Frost Academic Commons on School Street, includes a slide presentation, photography and students’ perspectives on the experience.

Jowdy says, “From ocean to Chateau, museums to markets, this integrative course included sketching, painting and creative writing and journaling at all locations along the way during the tour of Brittany, Normandy and Paris.”

One student commented in a written evaluation, “I cannot explain in words the difference between looking at [a picture of] the Chartre Cathedral on a wall in an art history course, compared to the impact it has in real life. This is just one example of hundreds of breathtaking sights. My eyes and body are on complete sensory overload from learning a new language, understanding a new culture, and ultimately being inspired to open my eyes and appreciate the world we live in.”

The presentation, which is offered free of charge, begins at 7:15 p.m. A social half hour and dinner, by reservation, begin at 6 p.m. Dinner tickets are available for $8.50 by advance reservation to Dr. Metasebia Woldemariam. For information contact Dr. Woldemariam at (603) 535-2965.