FRESH start delayed

November 29th, 2000 by Adam

November 29, 2000

Ed MacKay, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget, and Chairman, Project FRESH Executive Steering Committee (ESC), has announced that the “go-live” date for implementation of the SCT finance and human resources software products will be delayed up to six months.

MacKay says the Long Range Technology Plan’s underlying vision was stated as “to provide affordable access, appropriate to the data and informational needs of any USNH user, that will be available at anytime from anyplace.” The ESC believes that this vision will be more readily attained if the implementation dates are shifted to better match the available technology.

SCT, the corporation providing the software for this effort, has advised USNH that its web-deployed version will not be available until at least late February or early March 2001. In addition, SCT is behind schedule in delivering the system modifications for which USNH contracted. The ESC has been advised strongly by SCT and others that a six-month testing period is preferable and prudent prior to going live. Delivery in early 2001 will not allow for sufficient testing time if the original July 1, 2001 go-live date for Finance is maintained (the original go-live date for HR is January 1,2002). Changing the dates may allow SCT adequate time to complete the required modifications.
Implementing a web-deployed version of the software is highly desirable. Proceeding with the original schedule would cause additional “throw away” costs and require training USNH users in two different versions within a short time period. The web-deployed version will provide the longer term affordable access the plan envisioned

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