Gail Carr Named Distinguished PAT

May 29th, 2002 by Adam

One night she was on campus until 11 p.m., administering a certification test for automechanics. In the afternoon, she administered a MAT for a student who couldn’t graduate without completing that long-overdue requirement. Friday night she was at the Mount Washington Hotel, helping to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the College for Lifelong Learning. Other times, there are Girl Scouts or grange meetings or Phi Kappa Phi events or church programs, a piano monster camp or a non-traditional student association event. But at 9 a.m. Friday, May 3, Gail Kenneson Carr was at Hall Heritage Commons being honored by the Plymouth State College community as the 2002 Distinguished PAT.

A Plymouth native, Gail Kenneson came to PSC as a student in 1970, and her junior year student work position in the registrar’s office became her first full-time PSC job after graduation. She says, “I wanted to quit school and go to work, but I got the best advice of my life from [then registrar] Pat Storer. She convinced me to finish school and then she hired me full time.”

That “finish what you started” attitude and respect for education carried Carr through to completion of her B.S. in education with teacher certification, an M.Ed. in counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in educational leadership at PSC.

During her career, Carr worked in the registrar’s, bursar’s and financial aid offices before moving to continuing education in 1986. Continuing Education is now part of the Division of Graduate Studies, Continuing Education and Outreach . Director since 1992, Gail likes being in a role where she can present students with ideas and options when they have decisions to make. Sometimes that occurs in her IAC class. Other times it’s a component of formal or informal advising.

Carr is humbled by the honor, saying “I know there are many people on this campus who are deserving. I do what I do because it is important to me-when there is a need, I like to fill it. It is gratifying and reinforcing when you have an opportunity like this to see that other people do share those values.”