Gallery Openings at Plymouth State University

November 3rd, 2003 by Adam

Karl Drerup Art Gallery

Draper and Maynard Building

No. Main Street, Plymouth

Our Local Arcadia: MANUAL. Computer animations created by sequencing still images, not video.
MANUAL is the nom d’artiste for Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom. The Vermont countryside, their “local arcadia,” is central to their work. For this exhibition, MANUAL deconstructs and reconstructs historic and cultural references by juxtaposing images of local scenes with artistic sources ranging from photographs of landscape paintings to art books with works from the Hudson River School.

Silver Cultural Arts Center

Main Street


Claiming the Land: Our Past, Our Future, Our Choice

Claiming the Land explores current land use issues that may affect local communities. Who has the right to farm, fish and boat on the land, streams and lakes in New Hampshire? Should drinking water be a public resource controlled by the state? How much of our land should be saved for wilderness or allocated for logging and other uses?

Traveling exhibition organized by the New Hampshire Historical Society and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests; funded by Fidelity Investments.

For information, call the Gallery at (603) 535-2643.