Graduates Honored at PSU’s College of Graduate Studies Commencement Saturday

May 10th, 2008 by Adam

PLYMOUTH, N.H.-Nearly 300 people were granted master’s degrees and Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies at Plymouth State University’s College of Graduate Studies Commencement Ceremony in the John C. Foley Gymnasium on the PSU campus Saturday, May 10.

“A graduate degree requires a special commitment,” said PSU President Sara Jayne Steen. “What you have learned are methods of scholarship, research and performance, and the ability to see the larger picture, and to shade it with richness and complexity.”

Highlights of the commencement ceremony included:

The senior vice president of the International Center for Leadership in Education and former Vermont education commissioner Ray McNulty delivered the commencement address, reminding the graduates that leadership, passion and commitment are critical to both their personal success and the students they will educate. “Leadership is really about action, not position, not credentials, not experience,” McNulty said. “We should be educating for the unknown, not the known. We’ve been thinking outside the box for a long time … I want you to build new boxes for us to think in.” (

Renowned New Hampshire entrepreneur, and inventor Dean Kamen received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University. Kamen is the founder of the Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) ( – FIRST develops innovative programs designed to motivate young people to develop their skills in the fields of science and technology. His goal is to return New Hampshire to having the nation’s highest percentage of schools participating in FIRST. He urged the graduates to focus on education to save the planet, which faces unprecedented threats that only technological advances can halt. “We need to focus on education like we’ve never focused on education before,” said Kamen. “We need to get back the motivation, the focus among kids. It has to start with the people in the schools; I hope you people understand how much leverage you have in changing the world.” (Read more >>)

Famed New England author and storyteller Willem Lange was the recipient of a Granite State Award.
Lange thanked the University System of New Hampshire for the honor, and reminded the audience that New Hampshire is home to many beautiful places and that beauty should never be taken for granted. “I don’t know how many of us appreciate just how wonderful it is to live here,” said Lange. (Read more >>)

PSU education professor Dr. Marcel Lebrun was named Distinguished Graduate Teacher.
Lebrun advised the graduates they are expected to be leaders and it will be up to them to achieve that goal. “Leadership is developed, not discovered,” Lebrun said. “Be a role model that initiates change. Your education gives you the keys to seek new solutions.” (Read more >>)

The Munz family—Mom, Dad, and two daughters—became the first family in PSU history to graduate four family members at the same time. (Read more >>)

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