History Channel to Feature Starbuck’s Research

November 4th, 2004 by Adam

A program based on research by assistant professor of anthropology and sociology David Starbuck into the life of Jane McCrea will be featured on the History Channel.

Starbuck has conducted a forensic anthropology project over the past two years, focusing on the life and death of McCrea, the best-known American woman murdered and scalped during the American Revolution.

Kurtis Productions of Chicago, producer of many shows for The History Channel, has announced that its program featuring Starbuck’s project will air at 8 p.m., Friday, November 26 (as well as periodically over the following month).

Plymouth State will be identified several times in the 60-minute show, which will feature historical re-enactors; the exhumation that was conducted on April 9, 2003; the DNA analysis that followed; and the recreation of the murder and scalping that was filmed last August.

One of Starbuck’s veteran diggers portrays Jane McCrea in the show, wearing period dress. What television viewers won’t be told is that Jane’s modern-day counterpart had to be murdered and scalped 15 times before the filmmakers shot a take that was acceptable.