Holderness Bridge Information

December 6th, 2004 by Adam

A number of concerns have been expressed regarding both vehicle and pedestrian access to and from our east-side (Holderness) campus during bridge reconstruction.

Director of Physical Plant Ellen Shippee, and Chief of University Police John E. Clark, will represent the University at all pre-planning meetings. It is their intent to keep the campus community informed about events as the project gets underway.

Chief Clark says, “We have been assured by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) that daily access will always be provided. It will occasionally be necessary to create one-lane access using a portable traffic light, but we anticipate having advance notice when such changes occur.”

Please keep an eye on campus announcements on the myPlymouth portal, where such notifications will be posted. All campus e-mail will only be used when notice is extremely short.

According to a news release from the NHDOT, the new bridge will include three lanes and two sidewalks, with river overlooks at the four corners. The reconstruction of N.H. route 175A from I93 exit 25 to the Main Street Plymouth intersection will include two thru-lanes, one turning late, and sidewalks at both sides. The railroad crossing will be reconstructed and will include a new signal crossing.

As part of this project, a one-lane roundabout will be constructed in Plymouth at the intersection of Main Street and High Street and route 175A. “The project will improve pedestrian amenities along Main Street north and south of the roundabout for a total of 1200 linear feet from court Street to Pearl Street and up High Street for 350 linear feet, including new sidewalks and reconstructed roadways.

NHDOT will oversee the project. Project specifications will be put out to bid in late December. Bids are scheduled to be opened by midJanuary 2005, and construction is due to start in March 2005. The project is estimated to take 3.5 years with completion anticipated in September 2008.

Chief Clark stresses that NHDOT is aware of University needs for special events such as graduations and Homecoming, and accommodations will be made.