ITS Campus News

September 1st, 2004 by Adam

Welcome back!
And a special welcome to Newcomers!

There’s been
plenty of work done by ITS over the summer. Here’s a rundown and
what it means.

  • The
    myPlymouth web portal was upgraded this summer.

  • Additionally, all students on the ResNet (campus residents)
    logon only through myPlymouth. As a result, we have ‘eyeballs.’
    More and more campus information will be disseminated through
    the Campus Announcements area of myPlymouth. If you haven’t yet,
    login and take a look around. You have options on information
    you would like to have displayed. Set it up so it works for you!

  • In addition
    to myPlymouth, WebCT, Banner, network and several servers were
    upgraded this summer. Upgrades like this will occur annually.
    Such is our existence.

  • We supported
    several conferences this summer, ordered a lot of equipment for
    CAB distribution, and watched as big machinery drilled and
    pulled four big conduits from Holderness to Plymouth…under the

  • Fourteen
    classrooms underwent multimedia equipment upgrades. Those of you
    who struggled with aging equipment should see a big difference.

  • We entered a
    new partnership with GovConnection (branch of New Hampshire’s PC
    Connection) for purchasing of student computers. Students have
    access to a range of laptop and desktop options, computers
    pre-configured with the PSU software and network connectivity.
    Personal purchases, along with peripherals galore, are available
    now to faculty and staff.

  • [PSU
    employee computers continue to be Dells through the University
    Computer Store. We will be exploring options this year based on
    our experiences testing some new equipment.]

  • We are
    beginning a gradual rollout of wireless points around campus.
    Expect to see them in the HUB and Library this fall.

  • With the
    able assistance of ResLife and PhysPlant, 11 blue emergency
    phones were replaced this summer.

  • New cell
    phone programs are available for students, faculty and staff
    with Unicel.

As you can
imagine, the early part of the fall semester poses significant
challenges to the ITS staff.

  • The ITS Help
    Desk is currently helping students with their computers, network
    connections and account passwords.

  • While
    nothing like last year’s August virus, we experience significant
    network traffic—for better or worse—when students return to
    campus. We are currently addressing sources of excessive network
    usage as well as fighting a virus many students brought back to

Finally, this
year marks the first year of operation under the new

PSU Long Range Technology Plan
(LRTP). (
As a result of this plan, a new Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has
been formed to address priorities, advise ITS and make decisions
impacting future directions of technology. Expect to hear more of
the weeks ahead.

As always,
positive or constructive, we value your feedback. Feel free to
praise or berate the technology. Just go easy on us. 😉

Here’s to a good
start to the semester! We’re here to help.

On behalf of

Dwight Fischer