Juried Exhibition of Student Art Works

March 7th, 2003 by Adam
The annual Juried Student Exhibition at
Plymouth State College will run from March 5 to April 12,
in the Silver Cultural Arts Center.

All Plymouth State College students who have taken
classes through the art department are invited to submit
up to three works each for adjudication. The show is
juried by two members of the art department staff and one
student juror.

According to Catherine Amidon, director of exhibitions
for the College, “The Juried Student Show is an
essential part of our inclusive annual programming of
exhibitions and related events. Reaching out to the whole
campus population of student artists as participants,
rather than visitors, allows an important part of the
community to become engaged in meaningful ways.”

Professor of Art Susan Tucker says, “Students need
opportunities to exhibit their artwork publicly. The process of
preparing artwork for presentation goes beyond the creation of
the work. Matting, framing, constructing pedestals or appropriate
mounts for work, and the consideration of viewing space for
artwork, require skills that are part of an artist’s life
that students need to practice. Shows also provide opportunities
for students to discuss their work with an audience outside the
classroom. Learning to articulate artistic objectives,
experiences and decisions to the wider public is essential for
professional artists, and also important for students to

Many Plymouth State students look forward to the juried student
show as a venue for displaying their creative achievements.
“The Juried Student Show is a great chance not only for
students to learn a great deal of information about the process
behind showing their art work, but for students, faculty and the
community to see the extraordinary work that is being done right
here on campus,” said Morgan Fippenger, a senior art
education major from Burlington, CT., who is president of the Art
and Art History Club.

The show is sponsored by the Karl Drerup Gallery and Exhibitions
program. For additional information, call the gallery at 535-2614
between noon and five p.m. , Monday through Saturday.