Liz Ahl Receives 2005 Theo Kalikow Award

May 10th, 2005 by Adam

Assistant Professor of English Liz Ahl was selected by the President’s Commission on the Status of Women to receive the 2005 Theo Kalikow Award.

The award, named for former Plymouth State dean and interim president Theo Kalikow, is presented annually to honor a faculty or staff member who has contributed significantly to the advancement of women’s issues.

In introducing Ahl, Associate Professor of English and the 2004 Kalikow Award recipient, Bonnie Epstein, described some of Ahl’s many accomplishments on behalf of women’s issues. “Students are enriched by her advising of AWARE (Alliance for Women’s Awareness Rights and Equality), and her excellent contributions to the Women’s Studies Council (WSC) and its program. Since Liz came to Plymouth State the Women’s Studies minor has grown from one to 19, and I am sure it’s in no small part due to her one-on-one work with students. …”

Accepting the award, Ahl recognized student Niki Snover, PSU senior and co-founder of AWARE, as “a great source of inspiration during the time I’ve known her.” Snover received this year’s Powerful Outstanding Women’s Advocate (POWA) Award, the student counterpart of the Theo Kalikow Award.

Says Ahl, “When we speak of ‘engaged pedagogy’ we owe a debt to Women’s Studies. When we speak of putting learners at the centers of our classrooms and enabling them to be active participants rather than passive recipients in their education, we owe a debt to Women’s Studies. When I imagine Niki in her future middle- or high-school classroom, or other young women and men I’ve had the privilege of working with taking what they’ve learned to their offices, their homes and families, their graduate studies, their elected representatives, their neighbors—I owe a debt to Women’s Studies. It’s a debt I plan to be paying back for many years to come.”