Local Students Workshop Music with PSU Alumni

August 18th, 2010 by Adam

Program Sponsored by PSU Chapter of Music Teachers National Association

Six young Plymouth area musicians benefited from the expertise of some PSU alumni when the University chapter of Music Teachers National Association hosted a master class on campus.

Jacqueline Morin ’07, Timothy Polhemus ’09 and Janet Umstead Poisson ’01, teaching piano, trumpet and voice respectively, listened to the young students perform and then worked with each student to share insights about the music and ways to improve their performance.

Community students who participated were:
Piano: Gretchen Dodge of Rumney, Ella Pitts of Plymouth, Ian Soderberg of Campton and Daniel McLaughlin of Holderness.
Voice: Monti McCoy of Campton and Trumpet: Ben Adams of Campton.

The alumni also formed a panel to answer questions from current PSU students about various topics in teaching, such as how to get started with a new student, what books to use with students at the beginning and intermediate levels, tips they have learned in their first years of teaching and the difference in teaching in a community music school and in their own studios.

University advisors attending were Constance Chesebrough, PSU collaborative pianist, and Carleen Graff, professor of music and coordinator of music studies.