Meet Plymouth State’s new Calling Program Coordinator, Tara McKenzie ’95

October 11th, 2007 by Adam

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Tara McKenzie graduated from PSU in 1995 with a BA in English Education and a concentration in Spanish.

A former student caller for Plymouth, Tara now oversees the students who reconnect with alumni during our biannual phone campaigns in the fall and the spring.

A Connecticut native, Tara left the “too-big” University of Connecticut and, as a nontraditional student, embraced PSU. “I loved Plymouth State,” Tara says.

After graduating from Plymouth, Tara earned a Master’s in Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University, then worked as a special education teacher in Rhode Island before moving back to New Hampshire. Before joining the Calling Program, Tara worked as a teacher in New Hampshire.

Tara, her husband Bruce McKenzie and their daughter, Barbara Sophia, live in Campton, New Hampshire.